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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Car that runs on water...

This isn't about one of those old combination car / boats that had been built back in the late 50's early 60's. I ran across a website that talked about a guy named Stan Meyer who was a brilliant inventor. He invented a motor that would run on tap water. This worked on the principle of extracting hydrogen from water and burning the hydrogen to power the car.

Now anyone who had to sit through High School Chemistry has seen electrolysis at work. This is where you have an electric charge passing through water. Hydrogen is released from one electrode while oxygen is released from the other. Since everyone knows that the chemical formula for pure water is H2O, you already know that there is twice as much hydrogen as there is oxygen in this liquid form, so there isn't that great a leap in logic that getting hydrogen from water is pretty simple. If my alcoholic High School Chemistry Teacher could rig up a battery, water filled beakers and some balloons, it can't be that complicated. MacGuyver he was not...

I found this site purely by accident. I have been curious about alternative power options for quiet some time. Even before 9/11. Although this catastrophic event made me even more interested in alternative fuels.

I initially started researching fuel cells which everyone at that time said couldn't be done efficiently. This could still be true, but their logic seemed to be coming from left field. Anything I heard about in relation to deriving hydrogen from different sources had to do with some kind of fossil fuel. I'm not a scientist, but wouldn't you look at the most plentiful of options to derive your fuel source from? 2/3 of water is Hydrogen. Seems pretty obvious to me.

So the arguments I heard making this an inefficient way to get Hydrogen were pretty silly. They were saying that it would take more electricity to produce Hydrogen from water than you would get from the end product. So more fossil fuel would be burned to make hydrogen from water.

I suppose this makes sense if you only knew of fossil fuel methods of making electricity. Solar and wind power weren't considered. Neither was Nuclear power for that matter. What's wrong with this picture?

The Sun is Free... The Wind is Free... And the water is pretty much free except for the purification process... Why is this so hard to figure out?

Well this site gives you some ideas and makes you wonder how the world is really run.

I may post more information out here about similar information. Whether or not someone can get their car to run on pure water, I'm not sure. I haven't dedicated any significant time into proving or disproving it. But there are some fundamental Hydrogen extraction methods that have to be less complicated than those who are money hungry in this world. I'll keep searching and let you know what I find out...

Here are a number of articles detailing Stanley Meyer's work. Click on the images below for video of Stanley Meyer.


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