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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Treatment of POW’s in the War on Terror…

The content in this entry is intended for adults only. I would not allow my child to read or hear me speak about what you are about to read. What I describe is not in great detail but still affects me to no end

I have been hearing much hoopla about the Administrations plans for the treatment of POW’s and the questioning techniques used on known terrorists… The policy makers and all kinds of media have this theory that those that will be effected are our soldiers that get captured in the future. Are these people watching the same war I am?

Public beheadings, bodies found executed and mutilated… How could they get treated much worse. I hate to admit this, but I found something EXTREMELY disturbing through the internet… I was curious about video files of the war in Iraq. I found a large zipped file with many videos within. I expected news accounts and clips of aircraft bombing targets.. What I found disturbed me to the core. I figured out later, that these were videos that insurgents were making while setting off IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). I didn’t really understand what it was that I was watching until I hit the third video that made me put it all together… I was appalled. I watched 2 of them trying to figure out what it was I was watching. Then it hit me when I watch an American helicopter pilot who had survived a crash executed with an AK47 while trying to surrender.

I immediately stopped the video and deleted all of the files. I’ve never told anyone what I had seen as it was too disturbing. Writing it is easier than speaking of it… Unfortunately I’ll never be able to delete the scene from my memory.

Whenever I hear a news clip of some high and mighty bureaucrat shooting off his or her mouth about how OUR troops will be treated because of our policy changes, the video replays itself in my memory. It makes my blood boil listening to people that are making our policies based upon our core values. We were mostly brought up in the way of treating others as we wish to be treated… This is great when dealing with like minded people with actual human emotions and morals. We are dealing with people who still believe that stoning people is OK!!!

These people have been at war for years with one another. They are accustomed to an eye for an eye mentality their entire lives.. If someone kills a member of a rival tribe, the rival tribe kills the killer and his family. We give them a cell, food water and clothing and treat them like we treat anyone else under the Geneva Convention, they are then living like Kings! This situation is much different than any other war we’ve ever been in. If we don’t make some changes, then God help us all.